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Creating one page instant microlearning
Micro-Learning lessons possess unique features to ensure faster and easier learning at the least cost possible. Unfortunately, most designers and developers are accustomed to delivering “content-centric” learning instead of “instant-usefulness-centric” training. The “instant-usefulness-centric” approach is lightweight, portable and rapidly accessible for within-the-workflow problem solving and improvements. 

In our conversation, you will learn how to construct essential Micro-Learning Tools including: Flashcards, Micro-Actions, Instant Maps and Sample Rules Support.

Topics to cover:
  • Where are the opportunities in work that demand Micro-Learning (ML) Tools?
  • What are the few but essential techniques and advance methods of ML Tools usage?
  • How are Flashcards, Micro-Actions, Instant Maps and Sample Rules Support created?
  • How can authoring tools and LMSs support Micro-Learning Tools?
  • Preview demos and templates on designing and developing Micro-Tools
Attend the webinar, and preview demos and video examples in advance.

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Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.
Chief Champion for Workers and Learners at Vignettes Learning

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