Conversations on "How to Make a Miracle Happen with Easy, Free or Inexpensive, Flexible Tools for Immediate Learning”

Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 11AM - 12PM Pacific / 2PM - 3PM Eastern
Can you really make a miracle happen? Think of this situation when every so often, you have to scavenge, scrounge, steal, borrow, and cannibalize whatever software you can find just to produce a quick and immediate learning lesson. There is no budget or you probably need months before you can even make a purchase. But after you completed  the lesson, you realize you just made a miracle. 

In this conversation, Susie will lead a discussion around:
  • What are some moments when you must make miracles
  • Where do you find free, easy, and affordable tools and software
  • What are those easy tools for lesson creating, interactions, exercises,  multimedia, tracking, and others
  • How do you make your lessons effective even with the easy, cheap, sample tools and software

Join the session. Post your examples in advance, as well as links to software and tools you use to make miracles. 

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Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.
Chief Champion for Workers and Learners at Vignettes Learning
Susie Tiggs, Ed.S.
Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services Lead at Texas Sensory Support Network


Wed, Apr 21, 2021 at 11AM - 12PM Pacific / 2PM - 3PM Eastern

About Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

Ray is the founder of (TMN) an online community of 160,000+ training professionals as members. He is also  Chief Architect for Vignettes Learning, Situation Expert, and Excite Webinars. He continues to conduct webinars and workshops for TMN, Learning Guild, BizLibrary, and many other organizations focused on Workflow Learning, Microlearning, Story-Based Learning Design, Scenario-Based Learning Design, and more. 

Participants from Ray's workshops and webinars find him to be "technically-savvy", "engaging", "provocative", "insightful", and "inspiring."

Ray is the author of the books, Workflow Learning (2019), 3-Minute eLearning (2012), Scenario-Based Learning (2018), Do-It-Yourself eLearning (2016), and several eBooks - Story Impacts, Helping Zombie Learners in ZOOM, Learning Experience Templates - 50 Thinking Tools and others.


About Susie Tiggs, Ed.S.

Susie Tiggs is the Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services Lead for the Texas Sensory Support Network. Much of her work revolves around providing professional learning opportunities to educators working with students who are deaf/hard of hearing or deafblind. She has worked for over 10 years creating and delivering training to adults and more than 30 years working with students who are deaf/hard of hearing, visual impaired, or deafblind. Susie is a doctoral candidate in distance education and online learning, researching the use of digital badges to facilitate personalized professional development for deaf educators.