Conversations on “Avoiding Boredom and Meaningless Webinars By Showing Passion and Empathy”

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How does this video raise the awareness in the minds of viewers the need for empathy

 Feb 27, 2021 07:18am
Hi Everyone, Identify a person who might pose as a violent threat. How will the story end if people in the story noticed, helped, or extended assistance to the gunman? Please post your comments.​​​​
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  • 14 profile sm
     Apr 06, 2021 01:08pm
    Yes, I had to watch the clop twice as well to notice the young man in the classroom who pointed at the teacher in she clip, he looked like he had something against the teacher, was unhappy with her. If the other kids would have been more involved in their surroundings, they may have noticed him and told the instructor.