Make Webinar Learners Happy! - Add Socialization and Conversations to Boost Learning in Virtual Training

Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 11AM - 12PM Pacific / 2PM - 3PM Eastern
In this time of pandemic and lockdowns, we see the sudden growth of WFH (Work From Home) workers. The increased level of social isolation has led most people to loneliness and frustrations. Consequently, it affects the workers’ productivity and their quality of life. 

One of the common links between workers with other teams and leaders are their webinars and virtual sessions. However, the methods in ZOOM, WebEx, Adobe Connect and others only aggravate the “loneliness” of the learners. The presentation techniques are impersonal, stressful, time wasters, boring, and irrelevant. 
Adding socialization and meaningful conversations in webinars and virtual training does wonders in engaging learners and increasing their learning experiences. However, many are either unaware of this critical design and delivery skill or they just find it too difficult to implement. 
In this webinar, you will learn:
  • What is the “loneliness” effect in webinars and how they impact performance
  • How to conduct a survey to discover the “loneliness” traps in your sessions
  • How to deconstruct your design and enhance socialization and conversations
  • How to apply the 7 Fundamental Personalization Webinar Techniques
  • Experience actual socialization and conversation models during the webinar.
And, obtain the article on Why Virtual Trainers Need Socialization in Webinars.



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Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.
Chief Champion for Workers and Learners at Vignettes Learning
Aimee Lantzy
Story Design Architect at Vignettes Learning


Wed, Sep 16, 2020 at 11AM - 12PM Pacific / 2PM - 3PM Eastern

About Ray Jimenez, Ph.D.

Ray is the founder of (TMN) an online community of 160,000+ training professionals as members. He is also  Chief Architect for Vignettes Learning, Situation Expert, and Excite Webinars. He continues to conduct webinars and workshops for TMN, Learning Guild, BizLibrary, and many other organizations focused on Workflow Learning, Microlearning, Story-Based Learning Design, Scenario-Based Learning Design, and more. 

Participants from Ray's workshops and webinars find him to be "technically-savvy", "engaging", "provocative", "insightful", and "inspiring."

Ray is the author of the books, Workflow Learning (2019), 3-Minute eLearning (2012), Scenario-Based Learning (2018), Do-It-Yourself eLearning (2016), and several eBooks - Story Impacts, Helping Zombie Learners in ZOOM, Learning Experience Templates - 50 Thinking Tools and others.


About Aimee Lantzy

Aimee Lantzy is a learning strategist with 15 years experience in instructional design, content strategy, content development and production, and learning solution creation. She has worked with some of the top performing eLearning companies in the country and has been humbled to direct sets of high-performing content development teams. She is currently an education strategist with a leading Fortune 500 company. She is a trained playwright and has a keen interest in applying story, character, and narrative to learning experiences. She is currently a doctoral candidate at Johns Hopkins University studying narratology, and the application of narrative within learning.