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The Learning Explorer

Two learners were asked, “What are you doing?” One replied, “I am studying this lesson." The other one said, "I am curious. I want to explore."  

Yes, you can become a Learning Explorer. As explorers, you are discoverers and creators of new ideas. You are on an exciting adventure. You are constantly evolving.

VignettesLABS is your playground and sandbox. The LABs help you realize your hopes and aspirations to innovate and trailblaze in your endeavors.  We want to help you uplift and nurture the capacities of learners and workers. We want to inspire you to grow your passions. 

Our ultimate goal is to create opportunities to learn and feed your curiosity, ask questions, connect with others, experiment, and grow. We want to boost your skills and knowledge as Learning Explorers. 

Welcome to VignettesLABS.   

Expanded learning and application moments

Most webinars and virtual sessions are “data dumps” or turbo-charged PowerPoint presentations. So, we want you to do better. Excite Webinars enhance your typical virtual sessions and webinars with expanded learning and application moments. We all love webinars, but we need more space to share, learn, and connect with others to ensure we reflect and apply the learning ideas. Click here to see more.

Short Bursts of Learning

While doing your work, you may need short and quick bursts of learning. These self-directed lessons are about 15-30 minutes long. These are practical tips and tactics that you can apply instantly. 

For example, topics may cover: "How to find must-learns in your content?", "How to add stories to your lessons?", How to add experience sharing?", "How to persuade SMEs?", "How to help workers troubleshoot a problem?", and so on. 

The lessons are interactive and filled with tools for applications. 

Deep Conversations

Having deep conversations with others can be rewarding. This is why we offer Q&A Sessions with Ray and Friends. These are intimate conversations to help you find creative ideas to solve project issues and applications. 

The discourse is between a small group of around 3 to 5 people, in some cases can be one-on-one, who support each other by giving inspiration, guidance, and mentoring. 

The sessions are initiated by Ray and his friends, or by special requests from clients, participants, and others. 

In our experience, the Q&A Sessions prove to be refreshing, interesting, and productive because they immediately resolve issues within the group. 

Doing and Working To Learn

The LABs is where we collaborate to develop and experiment on projects. This may cover prototyping software applications, producing videos and elearning, and reporting breakthrough ideas in learning and design. This usually happens when one or a few members decide to find innovative solutions to advance challenges in their work. The LABs is output oriented. It requires commitment and dedication to get things done. At the end of the process, however, are useful projects which could save you thousands of dollars or savings in time and minimize frustrations.  

Knowledge Ready for Your Use

Vignettes Learning's team of experts are constantly in research and development mode. They publish articles, white papers, and present in webinars and conferences. They also produce projects in different industries and fields. So, our library of resources - videos, articles, readings, books, demos and examples - is huge. Members have access to the library.

Innovative workshops scale your capacities - scholarship and discount benefits

Vignettes Learning has built the reputation of producing innovative workshops. Members have scholarship and discount benefits. 

This is the list of our workshops.




Visit our website to learn more. 

Promote Yourself, Earn Bragging Rights

There is a saying that goes, “Success is a juncture between preparation and opportunities.” Promoting yourself by obtaining credentials and certificates and sharing expertise is one way to boost your confidence. You prepare yourself for opportunities so you are ready when they arrive. Your teams and organizations and your work also benefit from your expertise. Your contributions have higher impacts. You introduce ideas. You inspire others. 

Who Benefits From the LABs?

The Excite Webinars are complimentary for the general L&D audience. The other benefits are intended for Vignettes Learning clients, past workshop participants, supporters and friends.

We’re Here To Help You!

Please contact us to schedule a talk with our consultants and teams. Or if you have any questions, click here.